Introducing Quanterra's
Qantix Q8

New Ultra-Low Power, Feature-Packed, High-Resolution Seismic System!
"The Most Capable Data Acquisition System Ever!"


The Q8 is the newest member of the Quanterra® Qantix family of ultra-high resolution data acquisition systems at ultra-low power consumption. Small in size and volume, the Q8 is designed for the upgrade of existing Q330-based networks or portable deployments and offers the same reliability, extraordinary temperature stability and data redundancy.

Extremely low power, light weight and small size
Extremely low noise for passive sensors
Enhanced Resolution Mode - Ultra-Low Temperature Sensitivity
Wifi Interface
Universal, easy Web-based management

Built-in 3-axis ±2g MEMS Accelerometer
Mesh Network for low sampling rate data
Universal Sensor Interface
Import of external timing sources

The Future of Data Acquisition Systems


• Compatible with all Q330-based networks
• Six high resolution channels, plus one for loopback
calibration signal
• Six high resolution auxiliary channels
• Sampling rates 1, … 1,000 sps, gain x1 … x512
• Built-in 3 axes 2g MEMS accelerometer (separately digitized)
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces, wireless configuration available
• Storage media: Up to USB 256GB, SD 256GB, internal eMMC 32GB
• Weight 1 kg, rated IP68, operating temperature -40C … +60C
• Power consumption approximately from 300mW at 11-32VDC, no telemetry

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